Our Focus

No two individuals, couples or families are the same. Every situation has unique qualities and perspectives. So planning your financial independence should be a distinctly customized experience.

We work with our clients to first help them define what Financial Independence means to them. We dig deep, asking the right questions and then actively listening to their responses. For some that may mean providing an education to children and grandchildren, buying a dream vacation home, managing an inheritance or retiring five years early. Others may need assistance in developing an estate plan, diversifying investments, understanding employer benefits, or reviewing family business agreements and transfer plans – the list is Infinite and the decisions are uniquely your own.

Why Infinite?

1. Management team has extensive experience in the wealth management industry advising individuals and families. Having worked at both large banks and boutique advisory firms, we’re able to leverage the best of both worlds for our clients.

2. Independent Institutional Quality investment offering tailored to your unique situation. Infinite's investment offering consists of institutional quality investments and asset managers. Our business model allows for clients to receive an offering previously accessible only by the ultra-wealthy.

3. Boutique Practice where our role is to act as your personal chief investment officer (CIO). Have a question about mortgage rates, long-term care insurance, life insurance, retirement, business lending, or tax minimization strategies? As your trusted advisor, we don’t limit our advisory services to the assets we manage.

4. Fiduciary. Infinite is a fiduciary. We are legally required to put our clients’ financial best interests first. As an independent registered investment advisor we are not compensated to sell investment products. This model allows for our interests to be fully aligned with those of our clients.

5. Established Professional Network. Over the years, Infinite has developed relationships with some of the most recognized professionals in the fields of tax and estate planning, investment research, asset management, banking, and risk management.

Our Principles

We put clients first

We believe the firm that put clients first win in the long term because their clients win.

We're independent-minded.

To deliver results, we think it's necessary to invest with conviction, even when it means standing apart from the crowd

We invest for the long-term.

Taking a patient, long-term view helps people ride out the market's ups and downs and take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

We're valuation-driven investors.

Anchoring decisions to an investment's fair value - or what it's really worth - can lead to greater potential for returns.

We take a fundamental approach.

Powerful research is behind each decision we make, and we understand what drives each investment analyze.

We strive to minimize costs.

Controlling costs helps investors build wealth by keeping more of what they earn.

We build portfolios holistically

To help manage risk and deliver better returns, truly diversified portfolios combine investments with different underlying drivers.